Italian Acacia Truffle Honey

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Italian Truffle Honey

Terre di Tartufo Acacia honey (Italian Truffle Honey) is special acacia honey, fine in taste and irresistible in aroma, combined with the unique taste of the black truffle. It is enriched with dry black truffles from the Italian region of Piedmont which is something very special! At the end of a meal, it is a tradition in Piedmont to serve different types of cheese with honey. The very unusual taste experience is the acacia honey with truffles ”Miele aromatizzato al tartufo" from the Apicoltura Brezzo with Piedmontese soft cheese such as Robiola.

This honey with a refined taste will be appreciated on any gourmet occasion. This honey tastes great with soft cheeses, but also with fine pies. The sweetness and delicacy of the summer truffle taste make it a complex companion.


  • 98.8% Acacia honey,

  • Truffle aroma 1%( flavoring),

  • Black truffle (Tuber Aestivum) 0.2%

Content: 350 gram

Black truffle combines harmoniously with mild, golden yellow acacia honey. Delicious with air-dried ham or beef carpaccio.  This truffle honey is particularly suitable for the preparation of extravagant desserts due to its very high proportion of black truffle. Intense truffle aroma makes it very tasty. Unlike other Italian honey, this finest Italian acacia blossom honey is refined with real truffle pieces.

Acacia honey with truffle consists of acacia honey which is  added to the Summer Truffle flakes:

  • Acacia honey is obtained by placing the bee box near acacia plants. It is a honey with a clear appearance and a delicate taste. It is energizing, digestible and rich in vitamins and mineral salts, so much so that it is considered a natural tonic.
  • The Summer Truffle ( Tuber aestivum Vitt ), also called Scorzone, is a truffle with an aromatic scent and a strong but soft taste.

Italian Truffle Honey is a nutritious product that is very appreciated in the kitchen for sophisticated combinations. There are different truffle species. The two most common are the white Truffle and the Black truffle. The white truffle is the most popular. It is also called Tuber Magnatum Pico. It has a globular and irregular in shape, the color of which varies from pale yellow to ocher. It is crossed by branched whitish veins. It can have variable dimensions, ranging from the size of a nut and up to a kilo. The black truffle is of various varieties.  There is the Tuber Melanosporum Vitt (Winter Truffle), The Tuber Aestivum Vitt (Summer Truffle) and the Tuber Uncinatum Chatin (Autumn Truffle ). Being a spontaneous mushroom, there is no growing technique.

Ways of Use in the Kitchen

Black truffle honey is magic for the senses when enjoyed with various Italian cheeses. Truffle honey goes perfectly with many dishes, in particular with cheeses, both fresh and seasoned, but it is also excellent to be enjoyed alone. The most widespread combination of truffle honey is with Italian cheeses, both fresh (such as caciotta, ricotta, and goat cheese) and seasoned cheeses (such as pecorino, asiago, fontina, Montasio, sweet gorgonzola). Try it also in desserts that require the use of honey and cream ice creams.

Acacia honey flavored with black truffle also goes perfectly with French cheeses with a slightly sharp and well-seasoned taste. Ideal as an appetizer or dessert accompanied by both fresh and seasoned kinds of cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano. Also excellent served on ice cream.

Also, this successful honey composition is an ideal accompaniment to flavor-intensive cheeses such as warm goat cheese, blue and green cheese, and fresh parmesan. Also on vanilla ice cream, crepes, pancakes, omelets or other desserts. Truffle honey is a real delight even on a baguette or ciabatta.Also for marinating roast game or lamb, or simply add a few fine threads of honey over your lamb/game dish. The originality of the food, combined with the sober elegance of the packaging, makes it a useful and refined gift idea.

Storage: Please store the truffle honey in a dry, cool and dark place, do not leave the jar open long. It should be stored away from light and heat and at room temperature.

Honey, according to Italian law, cannot undergo additions of any kind, the only treatments it can be subjected to are: extraction from the combs by centrifugal force, decantation and filtering or guided crystallization. The heat treatments used to keep the honey in a liquid state deprive it of many nutrients. It is, therefore, preferable to use crystallized or creamy honey outside the production periods.

Thanks to its natural antibacterial properties, honey is a long-life food, however alterations due to humidity (it must be constantly monitored), light (it is advisable to keep the honey in dark airtight containers) and heat are possible (it is recommended to keep it below 10 ° C).

Terre di Tartufo Acacia honey is renowned for its crystal color and velvety and light taste. The unusual combination with truffles creates an original product that encourages daring combinations to experiment in the kitchen.

Suggestion: You can use this delicious honey with roast pork, duck breast, turkey or lamb. Just brush a tablespoon on top while the meat rests in the oven. Also, use it on stuffed pasta, serve with cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano or drizzle on fresh ricotta.

12.3 ounce (350 gram)

Ingredients: Acacia honey, flavoring, dry black truffle

Packaging: Glass Jar

Product of Italy

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