Black Truffle Oil

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Truffle oil

The truffle is a particularly prized mushroom that is part of the order of the Pezizales and the Tuberaceae family. Distinguished by a highly irregular shape, the truffle is a subterranean fruit that develops mainly inside moist soils and, in particular, near the roots of shrubs such as holm and oaks, with which it establishes a symbiotic relationship. Truffle oil is one of the most valuable foods which is used for dressing of a large number of dishes, especially pasta.

In the world, the diffusion of the truffle is relatively low, as its proliferation is strongly bound to the subsistence of some particular climatic and environmental conditions: the rarity and the delicacy of this product raise the price of the most valuable varieties, in the less prolific seasons. 

As with most mushrooms, the truffle also reproduces by spreading spores, or tiny seeds that, transported by the wind or by the movement of some animals that feed on truffles, are scattered in the soil surrounding the roots of other plants.

60 species of truffle are currently surveyed, but only 3 of these can be considered highly valuable, edible and, consequently, marketable: they are the  White Truffle (also called Magnatum Pico), the black summer truffle (also called Scorzone), Black Winter Truffle, (also called Bagnoli Truffle).

Each of these has particular organoleptic notes, which clearly distinguish each truffle specimen from all other existing species on the palate. In addition to the specific characteristics of the category to which it belongs, the specific baggage of the peculiarities of the soil within which it developed has also determined the flavor of a truffle.

Properties and benefits of truffle oil

The benefits of truffle oil, just like its raw material, can give to those who make a diet that includes the intake of this food remarkable: first, the consumption of truffle-based foods makes it advisable for those following a low-calorie diet, as 100 grams of product contains just 31 Kcal. The abundance of fiber and mineral salts completes the nutritional framework, giving the truffle excellent demineralizing qualities.

Associated with other foods, the truffle speeds up digestion thanks to the abundance of melanin in its basic composition, lightens the skin and facilitates the treatment of skin spots. 

A truffle can provoke or accentuate a particular state of attraction towards the opposite sex: in essence, the truffle also has aphrodisiac qualities.

Nutritional information

Nutrition facts

(per 100 g)

Condensing    824 kcal

(3446 kj)    

Protein    0 g

Carbohydrates    0 g

Of which sugars    0 g

Fat    91.8 g

Hereof: saturated fatty acids    14.7 g

Salt    0 g


Italian extra virgin olive oil (98%), flavors



No allergen

Truffle salt against truffle oil

1. While truffle salt can provide the benefits of truffles and sea salt, truffle oil offers the health benefits of truffles and the oil they are made with.

2. When truffle oil is made with olive oil, you can enjoy all the benefits of olive oil when eating truffle oil. Of course, truffle salt has no benefits for olive oil.

How to store Black Truffle Olive Oil

keep in a cool place away from heat sources and direct light sources. After opening the bottle keep in the fridge.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Truffle Aroma (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.)

Recommended recipe: Cheese and Truffle Paccheri

This truffle oil is high-quality olive oil that has been infused with white truffle flavor. It has an earthy flavor and is used sparingly to give a burst of flavor to savory dishes. It is as difficult to describe the taste of white or black truffle oil as it is to try to differentiate them, they are both earthy, savory, and robust. The white oil is likely to have a bit of a peppery taste, and the source and quality of the oil used has a substantial impact on the taste as well.

8.4 fluid ounce (250 milliliters)

Ingredients: Olive oil, dry black truffle 0.2% (tuber aestivum vitt.), flavoring

Packaging: Glass Bottle

Flavor: Truffle, earthy, robust, savory
Texture: Delicate
Aroma: Truffle, earthy

Product of Italy

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