Spanish Pine Nuts

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Spanish pine nuts are the ultimate pine nuts.  Only about 20 species of pine trees in the world produce pine nuts that are of sufficient size for productive harvesting. In Spain, pine nuts come from the Pinus pinea or Stone pine. The pine cones mature in the third year producing large, flavorsome pine nuts inside a hard shell. These mighty nuts are a good source of protein and provide a source of fiber and iron. Pine nuts are sodium free, cholesterol free, and additive free with no trans fats.

Suggestion: Pine nuts are an essential ingredient of traditional Spanish pastries such as panellets, otherwise known as empiñonados. These are balls of marzipan coated with pine nuts and are a frequent dessert in Spain at Christmas time. In Castile-Leon, pine nuts are a characteristic ingredient of cured pork sausages and blood sausages. Pine nuts are perfect for sprinkling on salads, adding to pasta recipes, and blending into pesto. With a mellow rich flavor, pine nuts also are great for baking.

Ingredients: Pine nuts from Spain

Product of Spain

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