Pecorino Truffle Cheese

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Pecorino Truffle Cheese

Pecorino Truffle Cheese is a spicy cheese from ancient Rome. The truffle cheese from Italy is a fine cheese specialty and is considered a rarity. With a high truffle content of at least 1% (conventional truffle cheese has 0.5%) and the long maturation period of 12 months, Pecorino al Tartufo brings out a very fine and exquisite taste bouquet. The subtle taste of sheep's milk is very matched perfectly with the aromas of the truffle. The delicious truffle cheese is made by hand in a small family cheese dairy. The milk for the Italian truffle cheese comes from happy sheep grazing in the lush meadows in the region.

What makes the Pecorino Truffle Cheese unique?

The basic recipe for the Pecorino Truffle Cheese is identical to any Pecorino cheese from Italy. The big difference is achieved by the natural raw materials, the long maturation period, the high truffle content and the care of the cheese loaf. Spicy sheep's milk from the Emilia-Romagna region is heated for the Pecorino Truffle Cheese and seasoned with rennet. When the cheese curd has released enough whey, dark truffle chips are added to the light sheep's cheese dough. The mixture of sheep cheese and truffles are poured into traditional basket shapes. In them, the cheese dough grows together and the Pecorino Truffle Cheese can develop its taste with the special truffle flavor. During the ripening period of 12 months, the truffle and sheep's cheese loaves are left in dark, moist cellars and are expertly cared for. The unique consistency of the Pecorino sheep's cheese can develop and the truffle chips run through the cheese with a fine grain. The synergy of the spicy sheep's milk and the high truffle content ensures an incomparable taste experience that harmoniously harmonizes.

Typical characteristics of Pecorino Truffle Cheese

Pecorino Truffle Cheese has a maturity of three to twelve months. Fresh cheese is very soft, the older it is and the more it ripens, the harder its consistency becomes and its flavor becomes more intense and spicy. It gives the cheese a nutty note and a lemony flavor - as is common with sheep's cheese.While the young Pecorino Truffle Cheese, which is not yet fully matured, has almost white bark, the bark is getting darker with increasing maturity. Every region of Italy has its variants of Pecorino, some of which can look back on a long history; four types are subject to special protection with their respective names as a protected designation of origin and are precisely defined.

Today there are also variants with cow and goat milk. Products containing only sheep's milk are marked with the words "tutti di latte de Pecora" or "Pecora completo". The palate of Pecorino ranges from mild to spicy to spicy-spicy flavor. The age and maturity of the cheese play a relevant role.

What does Pecorino Truffle Cheese taste like?

Pecorino is a spicy cheese with a variety of uses similar to parmesan cheese. It is said that the raw milk cheese has a nutty note with lemony flavor, which is commonly associated with sheep's milk cheese. But there are differences in consistency and taste depending on the degree of ripeness. While the young, fresh Pecorino is very soft, the hardness increases with the duration of maturation more and more and the taste is always spicy and intense. The aroma of the Pecorino Truffle Cheese is unmistakable.

What suits the Italian truffle cheese, Pecorino Truffle Cheese?

Cheese lovers like to eat pecorino with truffles with toasted white bread. So the special truffle aroma can be enjoyed to the fullest. But also on the cheese board, the Pecorino Truffle Cheese complements other cheeses.

For which recipes is Pecorino particularly suitable?

Pecorino Truffle Cheese is excellent for grilling and a popular ingredient in pasta and casserole dishes. The hard pecorino can be grated like grated and, for example, put on pizza. As grated cheese, it is also used in many other recipes of southern Italian cuisine.Anyone who would like to enjoy sheep's milk cheese from raw milk as a table cheese can slice it and eat it with dried tomatoes and olive oil.

How and how long can Pecorino be stored?

As a hard cheese that has been deprived of moisture, the Pecorino has a long shelf life and can be stored in the fridge for a longer time. For storage, a special cheese container is recommended. Alternatively, it can also be wrapped in wax paper/parchment paper or cotton cloth.

The Truffle Pecorino “Pecorino al Tartufo” is an impressive Italian sheep’s milk cheese infused with a good amount of black truffles. It has a buttery/nutty flavor enhanced with the perfect flavor and aroma of truffles. It is aged for thirty days.

Suggestion: Shave it on your favorite fettuccine and risotto dish or savor it alone with any good Tuscan red wine. It also pairs well with boar cold meats.

1 pound (450 gram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pasteurized sheep's milk, truffle 1%, salt, rennet

Packaging: Vacuum-sealed Plastic

Aging: 30 days
Flavor: Earthy, buttery, nutty
Texture: Semi-soft, compact, crumbly
Color: Cream
Aroma: Aromatic, pungent
Region: Monteriggioni

Product of Italy

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