Marzolina Di Capra Cheese

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$14.75 10.9oz (310g)

Marzolina di Capra Cheese - 10.9oz (310g)

Marzolina di Capra cheese is an Italian fresh cheese made from goat’s milk, well appreciated for its delicate and mild flavor. This small cheese was once produced only in March when the goats had just started to produce milk, hence the name, which comes from the Italian name for the month, “marzo”.

The cheese is produced using the milk from two consecutive milkings and then curdled with kid rennet. After the curd is broken, it is left to drain in molds and then it’s pressed by hand and dry-salted. If not destined for immediate consumption, this cheese ages for a few days in a ventilated room on wooden racks, where the forms turned daily and then shaped like elongated cylinders or truncated cones. 

Marzolina cheese presents a white, compact and flaky paste, with small holes and has a dry hard skin with no rind. It is known for its creamy and soft texture, making it similar to other fresh goat cheeses. Its fresh and mild flavor makes it a versatile ingredient in both savory and sweet dishes, and it's appreciated for its creamy texture and tangy notes that come from the goat's milk. Marzolina cheese can be spread on bread and toasts, crumbled on top of salads, mixed with pasta sauces to add creaminess, used as a base for creamy dips or spreads and as a stuffing for vegetables.

Ingredients: pasteurized goat milk, rennet.

Weight: 10.9oz (310g) – 2 pieces of approximately 155g each

Product of Italy

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