Malghe di Vezzena Cheese (Quarter Wheel)

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$78.95 4.4lb (2kg)

Malghe di Vezzena Cheese - 4.5 lb (2kg) Approximately

Award Winning Cheese - Best World Cheese Awards 2022-23

The World Cheese Awards is the global benchmark for cheese excellence, where the finest cheeses are judged for their unmatched quality, taste, and texture.

As a truly global cheese event, World Cheese brings together cheesemakers, retailers, buyers and food commentators worldwide to judge over 4,000 cheeses from over 40 countries.

Winning this prestigious award is a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of these cheeses.

Malghe di Vezzena Cheese is a culinary masterpiece crafted exclusively from the finest Italian cow's milk, a testament to the tradition and quality of Italian cheesemaking. This cheese is produced using a short supply chain that ensures only the best ingredients make their way into every wheel. Malghe di Vezzena boasts a unique and fragrant taste, a delicate yet unforgettable flavor profile that is a direct result of the select, top-quality cow's milk used in its production. The cheese's semi-hard, compact texture is the result of its meticulous crafting process, becoming more granular and rich in character as it ages.

Malghe di Vezzena is available in various aging stages to suit every palate. The medium-aged cheese, matured for 3 to 9 months, offers a perfect balance of flavor and texture. For those who prefer a more robust taste, the 'vecchio' variety, aged for 9 months or longer, provides a deeper, more complex profile.

Perfect for a gourmet cheese board, cooking, or simply enjoying on its own, Malghe di Vezzena is a journey through the rich flavors and traditions of Italian cheesemaking.

Ingredients: cow’s milk, salt, rennet

Weight: 4.5lb (2kg) Approximately

Aging: 9 months minimum

Product of Italy

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