Spaghetti Pasta di Gragnano Organic IGP

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Spaghetti Italian Pasta di Gragnano Organic I.G.P 

Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication)

100% Organic Italian Wheat

USDA Certified Organic 

Trafilatura al Bronzo (Bronze Rolling Mill)

There are many pasta producers in Italy, but Spaghetti Italian Pasta di Gragnano is a reality that stands out from almost everyone. Spaghetti Italian Pasta di Gragnano differs from other artisanal pasta thanks to the elimination of the production line because the farmer has also become the producer of pasta, in a similar process to that of the wine sector, where the product of the vines is turned into an excellent wine by the very producer. The pasta produced is the result of a careful selection of the best hard wheat, bronze drawing and drying at low temperatures.

How it is Made

It is made from 100% Organic Italian wheat. They are handcrafted according to the Gragnano tradition to keep all the flavors: work on a bronze rolling mill, careful kneading, and Cirillo natural drying. This excellent durum wheat pasta is worked in the bronze mill and dried for a long time to develop all their flavors. The large spaghetti dries for 3 days, which preserves the scents and the hardness conferred by the durum wheat used.

The characteristic rough surface of the Pasta di Gragnano IGP has already been mentioned but there are a few other characteristics of this Italian specialty. First, the straw-yellow color, then during and after cooking - its hearty taste of durum wheat and its scent of ripe cereals. The high quality of this pasta is particularly evident when cooking: it cooks evenly, does not stick together, and preserves its shape. After the cooking process, it is elastic but wonderfully firm in the bite.

All Pasta di Gragnano products must have the characteristics specified in the IGP Regulation. But that's not all, because the latter also gives nutritional values and ingredients Before. A 100g pasta (when dry) should have a minimum nutritional value of 1.486 KJ or 350 Kcal and 13 g protein, 73 g carbohydrates, and 1 g fat. The ash content may not exceed 0.86%.


Incidentally, Gragnano enjoys a reputation beyond national borders as the "capital of pasta". Supraregional glory came by a compliment Ferdinand II: The King of Sicily had visited the town on July 1845 and is said to have called after eating a plate pasta: "A real treat - just as genuine as the citizens of Gragnano." About the same period, the cityscape was redesigned - streets and houses were laid out so that enough air could circulate, making it easier and quicker to dry the pasta in the open air. Even today, this traditional process is regularly demonstrated in the context of events. A detour to Gragnano is well worth it - a must for all pasta fans.

These are perfect for cooking and their short size is ideal for a dish made with Italian

Spagetti Italian Pastai Gragnanesi I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication). Long and round shape. In the dictionary of Nicolò Tommaseo e Bernardo Bellini of 1819 already exists the word Spaghetti. They were called this way because of their size, similar to a string (spago). This shape of pasta originates from South Italy, but also in Liguria specially in Genova.

Cooperativa Pastai Gragnanesi IGP

Suggestion: Spaghetti could be served with hot or cold sauces (tomato or vegetables sauces), spicy sauces with oil and chili. They are perfect also with fish and shellfish sauces.

17.6 ounce (500 gram)

Ingredients: 100% Organic Durum Italian wheat semolina, water

Region: Gragnano, Naples

Product of Italy

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