Sottilette - Singles Italian Fontina Cheese DOP (10 slices)

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Singles Italian Fontina Cheese DOP

Singles Italian fontina cheese D.O.P  is a soft and elastic semi-cooked paste cheese of
valdostana origin. It is very useful in the kitchen especially due to its melting
characteristic of 60 °. It is a tasty Italian cheese that was recognized in 1995 with the
protected designation of origin (dop). It comes in various sizes, with a weight ranging
from 8 to 12 kg and a diameter of 43 cm. The rind is compact, brown, thin and unctuous
from light to dark depending on the conditions of maturation and the duration of aging.
The dough is rather soft, of an ivory-pale straw yellow color, with characteristic
scattered and sparse holes. The taste of fontina melts in the mouth, the aroma is
delicate, buttery in young forms, and in more mature cheeses acquires fruity tones and
delicate nuances of walnuts. The cut appearance can vary slightly both in color and in
the small holes, depending on the manufacturer and the season in which it was
manufactured, even the slightly accentuated salting varies slightly depending on the
producer. The forms produced during the summer period, called pastures, are the
softest when it comes to consistency, richest in taste, aromas and present with a more
marked color as the milk is rich in carotene.

Main use

Italian fontina cheese is a table cheese that can be enjoyed on its own, but it is widely used in the
kitchen above all for its easy melting, already at 60 °; it is used in toast and is the
fundamental ingredient of several traditional and famous dishes such as valdostana
fondue. It is excellent with pasta, or in preparation of particularly tasty dishes such
as the famous "gnocchi alla Bava"


Fontina is made with whole milk from cows of native valle aosta breeds, which graze
at high altitudes, far from pollution, fed with green forage in summer and with local hay
during the rest of the year. The milk used comes from a single milking and is processed
within two hours of milking, to preserve all its genuineness and its fragrance.
The processing of fontina, according to the provisions of the product specification of the
pdo, does not alter the characteristics and nutritional content of the freshly milked milk
that remains unchanged in the cheese. The milk must not have undergone heating to a
temperature above 36 ° c, before coagulation. Man's intervention is daily: it takes
constant care to make fontina.


The period is 3 months. In the first 30 days, the forms are salted and brushed. This
favors the typical orange-brown crust. The forms mature, perfectly aligned on a spruce
table, in natural environments, usually caves, for at least 90 days.

The average seasoning period is 3 months. The fontina maturing caves are carved into
the rock, to keep the shapes in the ideal temperature and humidity conditions, and

make them mature naturally.
Seasonality-all the year.
Traceability- easy.

Italian fontina cheese can be stored in the cellar or the refrigerator. In the cellar, it is necessary to
place the form in a humid room at temperatures no higher than 10-12 ° c, better if on a
wooden board.Periodically the shape will be rubbed with a cloth dampened with water added with salt
to eliminate the normal formation of white mold on the crust. If the room is too dry, it is
advisable to wrap the shape with a damp cloth. In the refrigerator wrap the slice with
plastic wrap and place it in the less cold area of the fridge.Pairing with wine
A light and delicate red wine are recommended to bring out the taste of the cheese.

Nutritional values

Palmitic acid (c 16), is considered the main contributor to the cholesteric effect. It
determines the value of cholesterol in the fontina cheese that is equal to 80mg / 100g.
Therefore this is not as high compared to the values present in lean meat and eggs.
Besides, its quantity decreases after the profound changes in the feed ration of the
animals that determine the quality of the milk.Italian fontina cheese and other recipes
It is perfect when enjoyed alone at room temperature. When in the kitchen, fontina is
loved above all for its characteristic of melting at 60 °.

The younger forms are characterized by a buttery consistency, with vegetal and floral
notes, which over time acquire intensity of taste, fruity tones and nuances of nuts.
Fontina also loves polenta; furthermore, this cheese goes very well with acacia honey
and dried fruit, but the most lustful pairing is given by the fontina cheese in combination
with white truffle.

Sottilette - Singles Italian  Fontina Cheese DOP (10 slices)

Fontilette- Slices of fontina cheese individually packed in transparent bags practices, are the answer to your most delicious original dishes: they contain all the flavour and properties of fontina PDO (DOP) along with the convenience of a ready to use product, to be always kept in the fridge.

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