Fresh Black Burgundy Truffles (Tuber Uncinatum)

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Fresh Burgundy Black Truffles  (Tuber Uncinatum chatin)

Burgundy black truffle (Tuber Uncinatum chatin) is also known as an autumn truffle. Black-brown on the outside, greyish to brown on the inside, it can be found throughout Europe (mainly in the French region of Burgundy). When fully mature, it tastes truffle-like but smells of hazelnut.Autumn truffles or Burgundy truffles can be found from September to December. It is more intense in smell and taste than summer truffles(tuber aestivum) and darker in color from the start. Scholars argue whether “tuber uncinatum” is a separate variety or just a subspecies of “tuber aestivum”. In Italy, both varieties are called "scorzone". "Scorzone estivo" the summer truffles and "scorzone invernale" the autumn truffles. The distribution areas essentially correspond to those of the summer truffles.

When you buy Burgundy black truffle (Tuber Uncinatum chatin) you get it in styrofoam boxes and packed with cooling elements. Our fresh truffles come several times a week, by plane directly from the respective countries of origin. The truffles are only harvested, sorted and packaged immediately before departure, so you always receive fresh goods.

How to recognize Fresh Burgundy black truffle (Tuber Uncinatum chatin)

You can recognize Burgundy black truffle (Tuber Uncinatum chatin) by their dark, grainy bark (peridia), with a diamond-shaped structure and the marbled dark brown and white cut surface (Gleba). It grows best on calcareous, stony and sandy soils that are not too dry and do not form waterlogging. The harvest begins in autumn and can last until late winter. In France the autumn truffle is called "Truffe de Bourgogne" and in Italy the Burgundy truffle is called "Tartufo Nero di Fragno" known. Their fine, nutty aroma is highly valued in the kitchen. To obtain a fresh black truffle at the optimum point of maturation it takes more than 7 months for it to form, grow and mature.

Cultivation of Fresh Burgundy Black Truffles

The Burgundian truffle is a luxury plant that likes the limestone plateaus above the vineyards. Burgundy Black Truffles plantations are created on clearing in the undergrowth. This mushroom grows especially in the company of hazelnut bushes, hornbeams and black pines, which can only be harvested from mid-September to the end of January, which explains its high price.No high-tech is necessary to raise this treasure, but a specially trained truffle dog, whose fine nose can sniff out the musk scent of the mushroom in the ground.When ripe and fresh, it releases delicious aromas of hazelnut and mushroom on the palate. It does not peel and loses its flavor by oxidizing in the open air. It can be stored for several days at the bottom of the refrigerator and can be frozen in an airtight jar.

The harvest takes place in several stages: from September to December. The truffle can rise to the ground or be 30 / 40cm deep. The truffle dog, trained, effective, are the inseparable companion for harvesting. The smell of truffles on the ground cannot be discovered by humans. This is why an animal with the finest smell is indispensable. The dog, the pig or the fly are used. 

In the kitchen - what to do with the fine truffles?

Truffles are something special - just because of their high price. They are mainly used as spice mushrooms - e.g. to give sauces a very special taste. If you buy fresh truffles, make sure that the tubers are not shriveled and dried out, because then the mushrooms have a distinctive aroma.

Fresh truffles should be kept in the refrigerator for a few days at most, wrapped in kitchen paper - ideally in the BioFresh compartment with the Hydrosafe setting. A truffle slicer is often used to prepare Fresh Burgundy Black Truffles. The aroma of a Fresh Burgundy Black Truffles that is reminiscent of garlic is extremely complex and unfolds best when you plane the mushroom into wafer-thin slices.

Truffle spaghetti is a simple recipe in which the black truffle comes into its own. Cut two fresh black truffles into thin slices and cover them with oil and let them steep for at least an hour. The oil absorbs the aromas of the truffle and later spreads them throughout the dish. Next, heat the truffle oil and add some garlic. Finally, add cooked spaghetti, mix and serve sprinkled with Parmesan cheese.

Keep them fresh for up to two weeks.

To enjoy them at their best, truffles have to be consumed during the week after they are collected. To maintain their freshness and savor them for at least 14 days, we recommend putting them in the fridge in an airtight glass jar and wrapping them in paper towels to absorb the moisture they give off. Special care must be taken to change the paper often to prevent moisture from damaging them.

The Burgundy Truffles also known as Autumn Burgundy Truffles are widely consumed in Italy and in parts of France. The Burgundy Black Truffle (French Burgundy Truffles or Truffles de Bourgogne) lend a gloriously intoxicating aroma and flavor on many favorite winter dishes.

Suggestion: Can be stirred into a risotto or scrambled eggs, but should be added at the end of the cooking time, as a finishing touch. When shaved paper thin, black truffles makes dime-size rounds of an attractive dark-tan color, accented with a pretty, lacy network of white veins. - 1 ounce of truffle is about 2-3 portions.

Storing: Keep refrigerated at under 40F for up to a week wrapped in a paper bag. We recommend consuming the truffles soon after they are received.

Season: Available from September to end of December.

Region: Piedmont

Product of Italy



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