Tortiglioni Fusilli Pasta di Gragnagno Organic IGP

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Tortiglioni Fusilli Pasta di Gragnagno Organic IGP

Tortiglioni Fusilli Pasta di Gragnagno Organic is pasta with spiral stripes prepared with durum wheat flour. Its origin does not fit precisely into a geographical region, although it is thought that they may have been born in Campania. Ideal for any type of seasoning, tortiglioni are perfect for embracing full-bodied and robust sauces. The twisted shape is particularly versatile and suitable for simple tomato sauces, but also more elaborate and complex sauces.

The name Tortiglion comes from the Vulgar Latin word "tortillare", which means wrapped in a spiral with a typical pattern in the making of pasta. The shape is particularly versatile, but also very original, and is best suited for rich sauces.

Tortiglioni is excellent and can be served with juicy meat-based sauces. They are also very good with tomato sauce or with vegetables and tomato sauce. It is especially suitable for pasta preparation for oven cooking. 

General characteristics

Tortiglioni is one of the variants of maccheroni, a type of short pasta with a tubular shape. The peculiarity of the tortiglioni is the spiral pattern of the lines.

The hollow form inside, the stripes and the spiral pattern make tortiglioni a type of pasta ideal for holding seasonings and are very popular in the cuisine of central Italy.

Use in the kitchen

The tortiglioni are ideal for recipes with thick and full-bodied sauces: sausage, mushrooms, peas, but also a good ragù or the traditional cacio e Pepe. Also, excellent for preparing baked timballi, tortiglioni are chosen to replace the classic shapes for the preparation of typical recipes such as carbonara and amatriciana, for those who prefer short pasta to classic spaghetti and bucatini.

Buying Guide

Tortiglioni are traditionally prepared at home, with eggs, flour, water, and salt. Today they are sold both in egg and packaged pasta shops, offered by the most famous Italian pasta brands. As with all egg pasta, when you buy fresh tortiglioni, note the color: the more the pasta is yellow, the more the proportion of eggs used in the dough is.

The eggs, besides, to reinforce the color and flavor, improve the elasticity of the pasta, reducing its stickiness.

Generally, the tortiglioni, like all types of durum wheat semolina pasta, are kept inside the packaging, respecting the expiry date. 

Pasta is quite versatile. When used as a side dish, standalone dish, soup or sweet dish - for a  varied healthy diet, pasta offers almost many possibilities. Pasta is certainly famous because they are relatively straightforward, fast to prepare as well as easy to portion. For them to succeed, you need above all a large pan as well as plenty of water. For about 100 g of a dry pasta, you need to give about a pinch of salty water of approximately about a liter and then bring to a boil. In the open pot with bubbly boiling water, the portions of pasta are cooked between 8-10 minutes. Incase you love it softer, you can cook the pasta longer.


Either as a casserole, side dish or in the soup, Tortiglioni Fusilli is  prepared varied and taste quite good for both young as well as old. If you want to pay attention to your character, you can access the pasta twice.

For people suffering from celiac disease there are some pasta products that are not made from wheat, spelled or rye, but gluten-free. These are mainly available especially in some health food stores or supermarkets.

Organic Tortiglioni (Fusilli) Pastai Gragnanesi I.G.P. (Protected Geographical Indication). Similar to the Fusilloni, with smaller diameter. The name derives from tortiglione: a special drawing of the lathe manufacturing with spiral shape. It's a typical pasta shape of Campania.

Cooperativa Pastai Gragnanesi IGP

Suggestion: We suggest to taste them with thick sauces, such as meat or cream sauces, tomato or vegetables sauces. Try it also in timbales.

17.6 ounce (500 gram)

USDA Certified Organic

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Region: Gragnano

Product of Italy

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