Stracchino Cheese 250g

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Stracchino Cheese 250g

Stracchino cheese is a fresh cow's milk cheese originally from Lombardia and Piedmont. The name Stracchino comes from the word "stracco", which in the traditional dialect means "tired". According to the tradition, this cheese was made when the cows returned from the fields during summer and were tired from the journey.

Stracchino cheese is made with whole cow's milk, with a raw curd. The cheese is delicate, with a pure white color, a soft and buttery texture, and presents a typical flavor of fresh milk. Its consistency is delicate but firm.

Stracchino is a versatile cheese that can be enjoyed alone, or used as a special ingredient in more elaborated recipes. Add it to your risottos and pasta for extra creaminess, use it to make extravagant appetizers and fill your sandwiches, piadina and tarts, or simply spread it on a slice of bread or raw vegetables (carrots, celery) to savor the pure taste of fresh milk.

Ingredients: pasteurized milk, milk cream, salt, rennet

Weight: 8.8oz (250g)

Product of Italy

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