Riso Carnaroli Classico - Pozzi Carnaroli Risotto Rice

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Riso Pozzi - Carnaroli Metodo Classico 2.2lb (1kg)

Riso Pozzi Carnaroli Metodo Classico is one of the most appreciated and respected varieties of risotto born from a cross germination between the Vialone and Lencino varieties. The plant of Carnaroli is roughly six feet tall and it is characterized by a very delicate leaf, which is a sign of pureness. The certification from E.N.S.E (National Agency of Elected Seeds) makes Pozzi Rice an excellent product that retains its purity at 100%, ensuring a genuine and authentic rice. Thanks to the fine balance of starch, Pozzi rice is more robust than others, an essential characteristic that not only allows a better absorption of broth, sauces and other liquids, but also improves coating of butter and parmesan cheese, to yield the perfect richness. Pozzi rice is the king of the rice, not only for the absolute quality which favors a better cooking process, but also because it is superior in retaining aromas and flavours. These features make this rice ideal for preparing tasty and gourmet dishes. 

Riso Pozzi respects all the requirements for the varietal traceability that makes it part of a specific type of production, and allows it to be called Carnaroli Classic Method (Carnaroli Metodo Classico). These requirements identify the product from sowing to production to consumption and are part of a traceability system that are recognized with documentation and certificates by the European Union. 

Carnaroli Pozzi is considered a "young" rice. The harvest begins between September and October of each year and the rice is packaged in the same year of its production. The Pozzi family doesn't believe in the aging process of the rice as they are convinced that the rice should be consumed fresh, without preservatives and within its natural expiration date. For the cultivation of their lands, the Pozzi family employs cattle as a natural fertilizer and values the biodiversity of the land by creating small dimples on the side of rice fields to ensure the conservation of different animal species (such as frogs) in dry periods of rice fields. The Pozzi family employs a "conservative agricultural process" where the cultivation starts in March and uses a technology that allows to work the soils on the surface , about 10 cm above the ground, to increase the fertility of the soil, shorten the working time and reduce fuel consumption.

The production process

The traditional way of making a superior quality Carnaroli rice has been passed down in the Pozzi family for generations, preserving this ancient method. This specific process highlights natural qualities, retaining the taste and texture ideal for the preparation of an authentic Italian risotto. Between September and October, rice is ready to be harvested. When the ripening reaches the right stage, the raw rice is harvested with combine harvesters similar to those ones used for other grains. Once the rice is transported to the farm, it is dried until reaching an approximate humidity of 12 – 14%. The use of natural fertilizers is a fundamental principle in Cascina Cirano's production process, in respect of the land and the water, two essential elements for the correct growth of the plants, which provide necessary, nutritional support to obtain the best rice. Pozzi rice distinguishes itself thanks to its warm amber color and consistency, maintaining all the nutritional properties and preserving the original flavor. 


In 2022, Riso Pozzi received the award for TOP ITALIAN FOOD 2022 by the Gambero Rosso, placing their Carnaroli Classico Rice among the Italian Food excellence and their company among the ambassadors of the Made in Italy in the world. 

In 2021, Riso Pozzi became part of a project developed by Bottega Veneta called "Bottega for Bottegas" to enhance those businesses that have always excelled in craftsmanship and manual work and represent the excellence and values of the Made in Italy.

Storage: once opened, store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Weight: 2.2lb (1kg) - Carton Box

Product of Italy 

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