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Penne Pasta Spigadoro


Spigadoro Penne Pasta is made from 100% Italian durum wheat semolina.  According to the original Italian recipe, only the best durum wheat semolina and water from the Swabian Alb biosphere. The dough is left to rest before processing, so the proteins of the durum wheat semolina can develop and the pasta to contain their special aroma.The dough made from durum wheat semolina and water is pressed slowly and with high pressure through bronze perforated discs using the traditional method. The strong pressure gives the pasta a high density, which is what makes it outstandingly resistant to cooking and biting. Gentle drying at low temperatures preserves important vital substances and flavors.

Durum wheat semolina is an ideal raw material for pasta. The Mediterranean region is the ideal growing area for durum wheat due to the warmth and low rainfall. Durum wheat semolina has been used for centuries to produce high-quality pasta. Because of its particularly good cooking properties, durum wheat has become an integral part of the Mediterranean gourmet kitchen.

Shaped by bronze

Bronze nozzles are used and dried at an average temperature of 40 ° C, taking about 25 hours for short pasta and 40 hours for long pasta. With this traditional method, the dough is pressed using special bronze molds. This will noticeably roughen the surface of the pasta.

Great taste

Spigadoro Penne Pasta is particularly diverse and at the same time original. For this reason, it goes perfectly with strong flavors. The Spigadoro Penne Pasta tastes great with sauces with beef or pork and with light tomato sauces. They also go well with sauces with vegetables such as mushrooms, artichokes, peppers, and aubergines. They are also excellent for oven dishes.The drawing gives the pasta its shape, the bronze gives the pasta that unique porosity that can absorb any sauce. This is one of the special procedures that is maintained and passed on.

Consistency: once cooked, this Italian pasta is elastic and firm and stays with an "al dente" cooking time that goes beyond the recommendation.

Fragrance: during and after cooking, the Penne Rigas develop the fragrance of top-quality durum wheat semolina dried at low temperatures.

Another secret of the pasta is the slow drying at low temperatures. This is the way of keeping the organoleptic properties of the wheat intact.

Nutritional values contain 100 g / ml on average



1504 kJ / 355 kcal


1.2 g

hereof: saturated fatty acids

0.2 g


72 g

of which sugars

2.5 g


12 g


0.01 g

Use in the kitchen

Thanks to the rough texture, these noodles combine perfectly with the sauce. Recommended for all pasta dishes from classic recipes to imaginative creations. Traditional pasta dishes are prepared with pesto or various tomato sauces, for example. Cooking time 10 minutes.Spigadoro Penne Pasta is particularly suitable for the preparation of pasta dishes with various sauces, which range from meat to fish, from vegetables to legumes. The secret to a perfect recipe is that the sauces have a particularly fluid consistency, so they are collected inside the pasta.

Spigadoro Penne Pasta goes well with tomato sauces and other vegetable sauces, but also with cream sauce or mushroom cream sauce. Because of its special shape, the sauce is very well absorbed. But the robust penne is just as suitable for pasta salads and casseroles. Make sure that you always cook penne al dente, i.e. with a bite. This way, even a salad won't get soggy and the pasta can withstand even strong pasta sauces.

Sample recipe

Penne with pea mascarpone sauce



  • 500 g Spigadoro Penne Pasta

  • 250 g peas (frozen)

  • 125 g bacon

  • 2 tablespoons mascarpone

  • 1/2 onion

  • 2 clove(s) of garlic

  • Citron juice

  • Salt



  1. Boil Spigadoro Penne Pasta in salted water according to the package, strain.

  2. Peel and slice the onion, cut the bacon into cubes.

  3. Sauté the onion slices in hot olive oil, add the bacon and finely chopped garlic and roast.

  4. Put peas and mascarpone in the frying pan and bring to the boil. Season with pepper, possibly a pinch of salt and a dash of lemon.

  5. Drizzle Spigadoro Penne Pasta with the sauce and bring it to the table garnished with fresh basil leaves.




The dish can also be prepared without bacon.


Penne Spigadoro, Since 1822 Spigadoro Pasta has been made with a few simple ingredients: an exclusive blend of fine 100% Italian Durum Wheat Semolina for a high protein value, bronze die extrusion and medium-low temperature drying that make it the true Italian pasta.

To obtain a quality product, it is essential to use the best durum wheat semolina processed from the heart of the wheat kernel. This pasta is dried at a medium-low temperature which preserves the nutritional value, taste and texture of the semolina, giving this pasta the quality unmatched by products dried at high temperatures.

1 pound (454 gram) - Pack of 5

Ingredients: Made from 100% Italian Durum Wheat Semolina.

Packaging: Plastic Wrap

Region: Umbria

Product of Italy

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