Italian Zolfino Beans

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$13.95 1.1lb (500g)

Italian Zolfino Beans - 1.1 lb (500g)

Zolfino Beans are a legendary legume that derives its name from its pale yellow color, similar to sulphur (Zolfo in Italian). For Tuscans, know as bean eaters, these beans are revered as one of the finest types of beans. Hard to grow, cultivating the Zolfino beans requires patience and passion, and they are only grown in certain areas of Tuscany, low to the ground in small bushes that are never irrigated. 

Thanks to the Italian climatic conditions and the special soil, these beans have distinctive features: small size, round, slightly flattened shape, thin skin, intense taste and creamy texture.

Cooking suggestions.

Zolfino Beans are used for side dishes, veloute' and soups. The best way to enhance their flavor is to boil them adding garlic, sage, salt and pepper. These beans are also good as a topping on bruschetta, drizzled with fruity and intense extra-virgin olive oil. 

How to cook.

Soak the beans for 4/5 hours. Rinse and cook for 55/60 minutes. Add salt at the end of cooking. We recommend a visual inspection before use. 

How to store.

Store in a cool dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. 

1.1 pound (500g)

Ingredients: Zolfino Beans. 

Packaging: Plastic wrap

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