Ferrarini Mortadella Regular

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Ferrarini Mortadella Regular - Weight may vary between 10.5 and 12 pound

Experience the full flavor of the Italian classic with this spicy Ferrarini Mortadella! The protected geographical indication IGP guarantees that the sausage comes from Bologna. Also, the label ensures the highest quality standards: So only selected pork varieties such as lean shoulder and special spices in the recipe.

Ferrarini Mortadella is the best-known mortadella made in Italy and is protected by the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). Mortadella is made from high-quality pork, from finely chopped rinds and mixed with square pieces of fat and with many other ingredients and flavors. By cooking these types of meat you get a sausage product with a full and balanced taste.


  • Pork, 
  • Bacon, 

  • May contain pepper, 

  • Natural flavors, 

  • Antioxidant: sodium ascorbate

  • Salt,

According to the classic recipe, only fine pork from the hip and shoulder is used for the production. This is cut very fine, which gives the sausage its pink appearance. In addition to salt, pepper, and sugar, pistachios or other spices are used for seasoning in some variants. If the sausage is made from other types of meat, such as beef or lamb, it must be labeled accordingly.


Nutritional information


100 g each


294 kcal / 1217 kj


26 g

of which saturated fatty acids

10 g


0 g

of which sugars

0 g


15 g


2.5 g


Mortadella has a cylindrical shape and a compact consistency. When cut, it should have a uniform pink and white fat squares, which should be no less than 15% and no more than 28%. The aroma is usually aromatic, while the taste is very delicate, not reminiscent of smoked sausage. 


Mortadella has a very long history because the sausage was already known by the Romans. In Roman times, the meat for sausage preparation was crushed in a mortar and seasoned with myrtle berries. These are the berries that gave the sausage its name - Myrtatella. Over time, Myrtatella became the mortadella known today.

It is a very old sausage specialty whose origin is documented in traditions from the Renaissance. Various sources confirm the invention of the recipe by  Cristoforo di Messisburgo, servant of Cardinal Ippolito d'Este and author of one of the first and most important gastronomic works in history. 

Production of Ferrarini Mortadella Regular

Today's production of Ferrarini Mortadella Regular, however, is different from that originally established by Messisburgo, but still adheres to the requirement that it may consist only of pork.

 In fact, it is made from carefully selected pork, which is ground to European standards and, by processing in three different machines, becomes a very fine paste. The meat paste is then mixed with fat cubes, which are taken exclusively from the pig's neck, one of the hardest and high-quality fatty tissues of the animal. The mass is then pressed into natural or artificial intestines to be finally cooked in large dry air ovens and then cooled very quickly.

Use in the kitchen

Mortadella is much more than just a delicious cold cut for the bread. The sausage has a hearty and balanced taste that is typical of this variety. It is ideal as a topping for every type of bread or rolls. It can be served pure or stuffed. Among other things, cheese or vegetables are suitable for filling the boiled sausage with it. If it is not bought in slices, but in one piece, the sausage can be cut into fine cubes and is therefore suitable as an additional ingredient for salads or hot dishes, such as casseroles or pasta and potato dishes.

Remove Ferrarini Mortadella Regular from the fridge a few minutes before consumption and let it rest at room temperature. So the delicious flavors of the sausage can develop perfectly!

The ideal serving suggestion is with white bread or cut into cubes and skewered together with cheese cubes, but Mortadella is also often used as a filling for the Tortellini Alla Bolognese.

Original Mortadella from Bologna instantly recognizable thanks to its rosy hue and specks of glistening white fat. Mortadella is an Italian classic, and has been produced throughout Northern and Central Italy since the 14th century. A very finely ground pork sausage, perfectly spiced and dotted with cubes of pork fat. It is made using select lean cuts of pork meat, ground into a fine paste, and stuffed in a casing to be cooked in special humidity-controlled ovens. Small cubes of fat taken from the pig’s neck are added to bring an element of sweetness to its characteristically full-flavor and firmness to its otherwise soft, velvety texture.

Suggestion: Mortadella is most often served thinly sliced or cut into cubes, but can also be used to give an added flavor to pasta fillings, or ground into meat dishes.

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