Early Radicchio Precoce IGP

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Early Radicchio Precoce IGP

Early Radicchio Precoce IGP is a leaf vegetable obtained from plants belonging to the Asteraceae family. It enjoys the protected geographical indication (PGI), the yellow and blue mark attributed by the European Union to those certified products for which a certain quality, reputation or other characteristic depends on the geographical origin, and whose production, transformation or processing takes place in a specific geographical area.

The term "radicchio" identifies those chicories with red leaves, more or less variegated. The early red radicchio di Chioggia is the result of a selection made from the variegated radicchio of Castelfranco; currently, it is the most cultivated variety of radicchio thanks to its ability to adapt to many climatic conditions.

Early Radicchio Precoce IGP is a variety that grows in autumn as it is very sensitive to winter colds. Like all radicchio, it is necessary to pay attention to the sowing period and ensure constant water supplies. The round leaves have a "cup" shape, with a smooth margin and a branching red-purple rib extended at the base. The head is spherical in shape, very compact and is characterized by a wine-red color.

Radicchio Precoce differs from other types of radicchio by its compact spherical shape and more or less intense red leaves with white central ribs that recall that of a rose. The early radicchio di Chioggia obtained the PGI mark in 2008 and has a protection consortium that actively promotes it.

Cultivation of Early Radicchio Precoce IGP

The area of ​​production of Early Radicchio Precoce IGP, is located within the municipalities of Chioggia and Rosolina, where the particular pedo-climatic conditions allow enhancing its peculiar characteristics.

The most used method is that of sowing broadcasts, that is, throwing the seeds on the ground, in open ground. Alternatively, there is always the transfer of seedlings, but be careful because the buds are very delicate.

Early Radicchio Precoce IGP, more sensitive to cold, from December to March can be sown in the nursery or greenhouse heated. From late February to May, it is possible, however, to carry out planting in the greenhouse.

Sowing in the open field can take place from mid-April until August, provided that a layer of mulching material is prepared. Without mulching, sowing can be continued in the open field between the months of June and July.

From a climatic point of view, radicchio does not require any particular precautions: it can grow in all areas of Italy, especially in the North, thanks to its excellent resistance to average cold climates. The exposure is however advised that it is always in the direction of the sun, even if the vegetable does not disdain rain and humidity.

During the other periods of the year, it is better to take advantage of a covered garden or, better yet, of a greenhouse. The ideal soil is porous, fresh and well-drained, better if abundantly fertile and fertilized, even with compost. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure a good flow of water, even if the soil must never be dry or completely arid. On the irrigation front, the watering phase depends on the area of ​​residence and on weather events. In particularly rainy areas, the normal meteorological cycle may suffice, in the hottest places, on the other hand, daily irrigation will be necessary to avoid excessive dryness of the soil.

Early Radicchio Precoce IGP in the kitchen

This crunchy and slightly bitter vegetable is rich in fiber, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, with antioxidant and anti-radical, diuretic and purifying properties.

Early Radicchio Precoce IGP is mainly eaten raw, but it reserves pleasant surprises on the palate even when cooked in different types of recipes. For example, in the oven, after being carefully washed and cleaned. Just place it on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, salt it and sprinkle it with extra virgin olive oil. After that add some grated Grana Padano cheese and bake it at 180 ° for about 15 minutes. Those who like it can also add pine nuts. Also excellent in a pan where you can add breadcrumbs and scamorza. In addition to being a side dish, it can be used to make sauces for first courses or directly pastries with speck and Monte Veronese cheese. It is a ductile product that lends itself well to various types of recipes.

The Radicchio Precoce, also known as the Red Chicory, has a deep red color with crispy white veins, very homogeneous and tolerant to bolting. It has a cycle of 60 days from transplanting, homogeneous selection suitable for harvesting until September in the North of Italy, until summer in the Alto Adige Region.

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