Wild Morels Mushrooms Dried

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Wild Morels Mushrooms Dried

Wild morel mushroom is the queen of edible mushrooms. Their strong aroma makes them coveted mushrooms, which give each dish in which they have used a distinctive taste.These mushrooms develop their complex aroma especially when they are dried and soaked in water before preparation. Before further processing, fresh Wild morel mushroom must first be plucked out carefully and then washed to clean them of dirt and sand that has collected in the honeycomb. They are great foods as they accompany dishes with meat as well as with fish or seafood and are ideal companions for asparagus and other spring vegetables.

Characteristics: The yellow to the black-brown mushroom has a conical hat and is 4 to 8 cm in size. In addition, it has irregularly arranged, honeycomb-like depressions separated by wavy ribs. The stem is 4 to 6 cm long and 2 to 3 cm thick. It is wrinkled on the outside and hollows just like the hat on the inside. The flesh is whitish in color and has a spicy taste. A distinction is made between connoisseurs the egg-shaped table morel and the cone-shaped pointed morel.


The honeycomb-like cone of the morel looks artistic. Many other features include:

  • Morels have a long, tall stem.

  • The style has grown together with the hat.

  • When cut into two they have a common hollow body.

  • The hat surface is honeycomb-shaped.

  • The meat is quite fragile and shows white when broken.


Wild morel mushroom have an aromatic to spicy aroma, which has become popular due to its very fine taste nuances. The smell and taste are pleasantly spicy and very mild.

Wild morel mushroom that grow in the riparian forest are usually better in taste than morels grown on bark mulch.

average nutritional values

100 g each


919 kJ

224 kcal


2.8 g

hereof: saturated fatty acids

0.7 g


4.4 g

of which sugars

0.9 g


14.6 g


0.05 g

Good news for diet gourmets, the morel is one of the lowest-calorie foods in the world with 10 kilocalories per 100 grams, because it is mainly composed of water. If you want to do without cream, butter or other fat, it is recommended to soak it in milk. And as if that weren't enough to convince you of the benefits of mushrooms, know that morel mushrooms are also one of the “healthy” foods: they are rich in potassium, vitamins B2, B6, and B9.

Growth and occurrence of Wild morel mushroom

Wild morel mushroom grow in the northern hemisphere. They grow in embankments, floodplains and along roadsides. Especially after floods and forest fires morels thrive, they are 'decomposers' and grow on dead soil, but not on wood. Morels can even be found on bark mulch in the gardens. What these places have in common is the lack of competition, the noble mushrooms need light and free nutrients. Nevertheless, the cultivation of morels turns out to be extremely difficult.

Use: In principle, all Wild morel mushroom are edible, but they contain a heat-resistant toxic substance that is completely destroyed during cooking. Morels develop their full aroma in the pan and are consumed as an insert for pies, terrines, soups, sauces, as a starter, with meat, poultry, and game, or blanched with salads and garnishes.

How to cook morels? With a little butter or cream to accompany pasta or white meat, its taste is so pronounced that a small quantity is enough (this avoids ruining yourself!). These mushrooms go perfectly with eggs (omelets, scrambled eggs, etc.), asparagus, parmesan cheese, white wine, shallots and provide an additional refinement to the risotto.

Method of preparation: Rinse the mushrooms under running water (below 10 ° C) and soak in a closed container with water in the fridge for 1 hour. Rinse the mushrooms again and cook alone or with other ingredients, depending on the dish, at 100 ° C for at least 10 minutes.

Because of their spongy consistency, morels soak up water very quickly, so they shouldn't be washed if possible. However, if you want to cook morels in a sauce or ragout, you can rinse them in a bowl with water. Remnants of the sand sink to the ground.

Wild morel mushroom aroma goes well in combination with these components: cream, butter, salt, pepper, garlic, spring onions, sherry, Madeira, port and white wine. How about, for example, a morel risotto that you quenched with a good sherry?

Store dried morels properly

Dried mushrooms should be kept as airtight as possible so that they do not attract moisture from the environment.

You can therefore also vacuum-dry the dried morels. Just like storing it in an airtight container, it is important that the mushrooms are thoroughly dry.Since the air is sucked out of the bag when vacuuming, the mushrooms will lose their shape. Depending on the degree of drying, they can also break. If you do not want this, storage in a screw-top jar would be better.

Wild morel mushroom (Morchella Conica) are rare, and only found in the spring, making them less available and more unique than other mushrooms species. This tasty and somewhat interesting-looking mushrooms has an elongated shape, resembling a dry and indented pinecone, reminiscent of a sponge in texture and feel.

Suggestion: A classic dish - morels braised in butter and deglazed with Madeira. Pair with omelets, chicken, red meat or use in soups and sauces. Soak in warm water for approximately 15 minutes to rehydrate the mushrooms.

Ingredients: Dried morel mushrooms

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