Organic Black Rice - Riso Venere

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Organic black rice 

organic black rice- Riso Venere is a semi-fine grain pigmented and aromatic brown rice. It has an intense aroma, reminiscent of the scent of freshly baked bread. It looks like a slightly more elongated grain than ordinary and ebony-colored rice and once boiled it takes on a brownish color.

History of Black rice

Tradition traces the origins of black rice to China, wherein past centuries it represented rare and precious rice that farmers only cultivated for the emperor. It was a noble and exclusive food compared to the common rice with light-colored beans.

For this reason, black rice is sometimes called the emperor's rice.As a source of mineral salts,  black rice mainly contains selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and manganese, all beneficial elements that support the correct functioning of the body and which, among other things, help us prevent aging and diseases.

Black rice, properties

Black rice is a variety of brown rice. As a source of mineral salts, black rice mainly contains selenium, iron, calcium, zinc and manganese, all beneficial elements that support the correct functioning of the body and which, among other things, help us prevent aging and diseases.

Black rice is naturally gluten-free, helping us to provide our bodies with both carbohydrates and proteins. It is suitable for everyone's diet, even those suffering from celiac disease or those who have to avoid gluten for a certain period.

A unique aroma and taste

In addition to the color, another detail that distinguishes black rice is a pleasant smell. It is an aroma due to the presence of esters which, with increasing temperature, evaporate and give rise to a perfume that is very reminiscent of freshly baked bread, or sandalwood.Even the taste is distinctly different from white rice, so much so that you could easily eat it even without seasoning and still be affected by the intense and full-bodied flavor. Its flavor is such that those who taste it for the first time are often so impressed that they no longer want to learn about polished white rice.

Black rice, nutritional values

Below are the average nutritional values per 100 grams of black rice. The nutritional values confirm the richness of fiber and mineral salts of this product which has the advantage of being brown rice.


  • Carbohydrates 62.8 g

  • Protein 7.7 g

  • Fat g 2

  • Fibers 4.8 g

  • Iron 1.2 mg

  • Calcium 5.6 mg

  • Zinc 1.4 mg

  • Manganese 3.5 mg

  • Selenium μg 10

How to cook.

Black rice has longer cooking times than traditional white rice it takes about 40-50 minutes in boiling water or 25-30 minutes with a pressure cooker.It should not be toasted if you want to prepare risotto, it should be sautéed in the pan at the end of cooking for a maximum of 10 minutes, together with the sauce.This variety of rice is very versatile. It goes very well with vegetables, fish, shellfish and is also widely used for salads (excellent Venus rice with courgettes and shrimps or Venus rice with salmon) and soups.If you want to use it to prepare a risotto, you don't have to toast it but, after cooking, it should be sautéed in the pan with the sauce for 10 minutes. Its intense aroma, during cooking, recalls the scent of freshly baked bread.

Before cooking the black rice, rinse and drain it.

The advice for cooking is to toast the black rice with a drizzle of oil as you do for risotto and then add water equal to twice the volume of the rice. Mix the black rice and let it simmer for about 40 minutes. You can try to reduce the cooking time using the pressure cooker.

When the black rice is ready, drain and season it or let it cool down to make a rice salad.

Black Rice - Riso Venere, also known as Emperor's Rice, is a glutinous medium-grain rice which turns a silky dark indigo color when cooked. We source all-natural rice with a rich, sweet flavor for our Organic Chinese Black Rice. The grains are fluff to shiny and dark indigo when cooked (slightly sticky cooked texture). Naturally gluten free.

Suggestion: Use for beautiful pilafs, salads (hot and cold) and as a bed for seafood, poultry or meat. Could be used in sushi rolls for a lavish, unusual twist on traditional sushi. Use for delicious desserts such as rice puddings, rice molds, and rice balls or simply to stain other foods with a deep indigo color.

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