Pancetta Beretta

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Pancetta Beretta 

Pancetta Beretta  is made from spicy pork belly that is salted and dried (but not smoked) for about three months. It is quite similar to bacon, which earned its name from the United States and was nicknamed as "Italian bacon".Pancetta Beretta  is classic among the Moser products. Tasty Pancetta Beretta  from purest pork is seasoned according to peasant tradition. It is slightly smoked and stored in the fresh mountain air, which represents the pleasure of a special kind.

The relatively fat bacon is cut after maturing like a raw sausage or even better like ham and eaten raw. It belongs on the starter plate in Italy and goes well with a glass of red wine and a piece of white bread.Depending on the region of origin, pancetta may be air-dried or smoked, in the latter case, it is called pancetta affumicata. The seasoning also varies greatly, but often contains rosemary and sage, which can be attributed to the fact that both spices have a relatively strong antioxidant effect and so the bacon content in the pancetta can be stabilized over a longer period.Although it is actually only a cured and matured pork belly, Pancetta is more likely to be found in the upper price segment.

Some information about bacon production

The pure and clear air of the mountains, the upholding of tradition mixed with innovation and modernity, passion and care in the production are the secrets that make Moser bacon so unique.Pancetta Beretta  is often called the Italian version of American bacon. Although meats come from the same pork and are similar in appearance, the way they are cured and seasoned are different, as are the traditional ways in which they are prepared and served.

Pancetta Beretta  and bacon are cut into the pork belly so that they are heavily marbled with streaks of fat, and both must be cooked before consumption. The main difference between the two is hardening methods. Pancetta Beretta  is cured with salt or a combination of ingredients and aromatic spices such as fennel, nutmeg, and pepper. They are rolled tight to keep spices in place, and dried but not smoked. When not smoked, it gives a sweeter flavor than bacon. The drying time is between pancetta weeks to several months, depending on the intensity of the desired flavor. Bacon is cured with salt and savory spices then smoked with different types of wood, of which maple and apple are common.

Pancetta Beretta  

In Italy, pancetta is normally sold as a slab, with a thick layer of fat on one side. In other countries, including the United States, it is traditionally sliced ​​thin and rolled into a windmill on the short side so that layers of lean and oily meat alternate in the spiral. Slab pancetta is usually sold in chunks and diced or chopped for cooking, and the rolled type is cut into thin circles as needed. Both forms of pancetta can be successfully frozen for several months if double-wrapped in plastic wrap and foil.

Cook with Pancetta Beretta 

Pancetta Beretta  is used in the preparation of different recipes: soups, sauces, risottos, etc. Its most famous use is undoubtedly in the preparation of the sauce carbonara.

Pancetta Beretta  adds a rich pork essence to the dishes without conferring the smoked taste of bacon. It's not usually served as a small side dish, but crispy fried. Thinly sliced ​​rounds of pancetta make a good burger garnish and turn chicken breasts into a tasty dish when paired with a marinara sauce and sliced fresh mozzarella. Dice and fry pancetta to create pork croutons add texture and flavor to Caesar salad, risotto, pasta dishes, soups, and omelets. Gourmet pizza fillings often include round or crisp fried pancetta pieces.Almost every region of Italy has its own variant of Pancetta Beretta , but almost all have in common that it is not smoked and therefore develops a particularly mild taste.

Suggestion: We recommend cooking it before you eat. It adds luxurious depth to sauces, soups, and used as topping for many dishes. Great alternative for breakfast meat.

3.2 pound (1.5 kilogram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pork belly rolled and flavored with pepper and garlic, dry cured with salt, dextrose, sodium erythorbate, flavoring and sodium nitrite

Packaging: Vacuumed-sealed Plastic

Aging: 2 months

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