Smoked Burrata Cheese

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Smoked Burrata

Smoked burrata is a tasty alternative to the classic Apulian burrata: a fresh cheese, very similar to mozzarella and characterized by a spun paste and a soft and creamy consistency. Unlike traditional burrata, smoked burrata has a more intense taste. The natural smoking gives the product a strong flavor in contrast with its sweet and creamy heart and makes it a product suitable to be enjoyed naturally or in more complex preparations.

The smoking process makes smoked burrata dough more elastic than its classic variant: one of the best ways to taste it is to warm it slightly on a slice of local bread, next to a few slices of tomato that - thanks to its freshness and humidity - it creates a balanced and unforgettable union.

It contains a creamy filling of frayed strands of smoked and cream spun paste. The surface is smooth, uniform, shiny and white; the texture is soft and slightly elastic. It has a sweet taste and is used mainly as a table product. A variation of the traditional burrata, smoking gives the burratina a strong flavor, in contrast with the sweet and creamy heart.

In smoked burrata, you will find two pleasures: that of the creaminess typical of classic burrata, combined with that of smoking, with its incredibly aromatic and pleasant scent. Taste after taste, you can't do without it anymore!

What makes Smoked Burrata so tasty 

Weight and quantity: Net weight is 100 g


  • Rennet
  • Salt

  • Citric Acid

  • Lactic ferments

  • Pasteurized cow's milk


Nutrition information: Per 100 grams:

Energy                910 KJ - 217 Kcal

Fats                    18.0 grams

Saturated fat      12.0 grams

Carbohydrates   1.25 grams

Sugars               1.25 grams

Proteins             13.0 grams

Salt                    0.80 grams


Production of Smoked Burrata

Smoked Burrata from Apulia is handcrafted. First, the dough is used to form a small bag filled with a cream made from soft, hand-crafted mozzarella dough and cream (also known as stracciatella). Then the filled bag is carefully closed and can be packed. The burrata looks like a whiter ball with a flat surface. Unlike the traditional burrata, smoking gives the outer part a strong spicy taste, as opposed to the sweeter and creamier hertz.

History of Smoked Burrata

The story of the discovery of Burrata cheese comes from Apulia. A complication leads Mr. Lorenzo Biancho to this discovery. The unusually heavy snowfall in 1956 interrupted the transport of dairy products from the Castel del Monte dairy. Mr. Bianchi, who worked there, had the ingenious idea of how to protect the cream from the cold. A mozzarella shell for the cream and burrata was born!

Smoked burrata is a bit finer and for the gourmet a first-class experience. Not to be confused with the Scarmozza! The approximately 40 minutes lightly smoked Burrata cheese has a fantastic aroma and retains the creamy consistency of a Buratta cheese.

Smoked Burrata goes greate with?

Smoked Burrata salad goes fantastically with thyme honey dressing. It supports the fine acidity of Smoked Burrata and gives a pleasant freshness to the rest of the salad. The extra virgin olive oil is also a great taste carrier!

Burrata means "buttery" in Italian, and is a fresh cheese made from a mix of mozzarella and cream. The outside thin shell is simply a skin made from stretched mozzarella while the inside contains a soft, stringy mixture of curd and fresh cream. When you cut open a Burrata, it oozes its buttery cream containing scraps of mozzarella. This cheese originated in the Apulia region of Italy known for sheep farming and agriculture. Handmade and smoked with a natural wood smoke.

Suggestion: Burrata is usually served fresh at room temperature and its taste goes very well with salads, crusty bread, prosciutto and salami, fresh tomatoes with olive oil and spaghetti.

7.05 ounce (200 gram) - WEIGHT APPROXIMATES

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, salt. (UHT: cow's milk cream with milk protein, modified maize starch. Additives E407 E466 E471 E472/b. Allergens: Milk, lactose. Smoked with Natural Wood.

Packaging: Sealed Plastic Tray

Flavor: Smoked, buttery, milky
Texture: Soft, creamy and stringy
Color: Off-white
Aroma: Fresh, milky
Region: Puglia

Product of Italy

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