Antica Acetaia Cremonini Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 50 Years

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Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 50 Years Aged 3.4 Fl Oz (100ml)

The Balsamic Vinegar is a unique condiment in the world as it is directly obtained from the fresh grapes of the region. Traditionally, the grape must be the black "Lambrusco" from the hillside, which is harvested as late as possible so that the fruit can benefit from the long warm summers. Once the must has been obtained, it has to be gently boiled in an open container to reduce the quantity to about one third. The cooked must, which is the unique and irreplaceable raw material for Balsamic Vinegar, has then to go through a complex process of "pouring and topping-up" in different casks of premium wood, which favors natural fermentation and oxidation. Consequently, the precious dark liquid is poured from year to year from one barrel to another, absorbing characteristic and unmistakable aromas for each type of wood. These antique rites are performed in the darkness of attics, well heated by the sun, where the must has to remain for several years in order to become Balsamic Vinegar. The slow passing of time necessary for its aging process is indeed the secret of this precious elixir

The original Balsamic Vinegar is obtained by carrying out a process that has three fundamental phases:

1. The harvesting of the grape.  The original Balsamic Vinegar is created from the "Lambrusco di collina" grape, a historic type that has been dear to local people over the ages: black, sweet, and rather late maturing. The ideal soil for this precious fruit is the Castelvetro hill, considered for centuries as the "treasure island" for Balsamic Vinegar producers. 

2. The crushing and the cooking process of the must. After the grapes have been crushed, the must obtained has to be gently boiled in large steel containers. This has to be done immediately, before the sugar is transformed into alcohol through fermentation. The cooking  time must be proportional to the desired degree of concentration, which can vary from 30 to 70 percent. 

3. The aging process: the art of poring and topping-up. Once filtered and cooled, the cooked must is finally placed in the casks through the delicate "pouring and topping-up" process, following ancient traditions. The sets of casks placed in the attic are made up of at least five containers, well aligned in decreasing capacity order and with a precise rotation of wood types. The varying capacity of the casks derives from the necessity of conducting annual pourings. At the end of the winter, in order to compensate for the natural summer evaporation and the withdrawal of the precious ready-to-use vinegar, the smallest cask is topped-up by using the contents of the previous bigger cask. This process is followed for every cask up to the last one, whose topping-up consists of pouring the cooked must of the year.

Culinary Uses

With its sweet and balanced flavorAcetaia Cremonini Balsamic Vinegar of Modena Aged 50 Years achieves an unparalleled depth and complexity of flavor. Its thick and velvety texture coats the palate with a lingering essence of refined taste. It is particularly suitable on top of Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P., prosciutto crudo, bollito, risotto, ice cream, creme caramel, strawberries and cherries. It can also be enjoyed as a digestif after a meal.

Ingredients: 100% cooked grape must.

Weight: 3.4 Fl Oz (100ml)

Aging: 50 Years

Storage: store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

Product of Modena, Italy

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